Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance
There are many types of different health insurance plans. Be sure to talk with an agent before applying for any type of policy to see which one fits your needs.
A Preferred Provider Organization plan, or PPO plan, supplies consumers with a network of health care providers. A consumer can then pick who he or she wants to see from the list. PPO plans have different types of coverage, in-network and out-of-network. In-network includes the list of health care providers in your insurance company’s network. In this network you can choose any provider for guaranteed coverage.

Visiting an out-of-network provider will be more expensive. With a PPO plan, your insurer will cover some of the cost but not as much as they would normally cover with an in-network health care provider.

Health Maintenance Organization plans, HMO plans, allow consumers to choose health care providers only from the list of in-network providers. If a consumer wants to see a doctor out of the network, they either have to pay out of their own pockets or get a referral from a doctor in their network. These plans are cheaper than PPO plans but are not as flexible.

Point of Service plans, POS plans, are a lot like PPO health insurance plans. POS plans allow you to choose a primary physician and go to that doctor for referrals out of the network. This plan also lets you go out-of-network for hospital visits and other health care needs.

Fee for Service plans, FFS plans, are a lot more flexible then any other plan but also the most expensive. Instead of picking from a network, consumers can go to any doctor and have specific medical services be covered under this health insurance policy.


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