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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Property Insurance

Property Insurance is a insurance which provides coverage from losses that can happen to the our property. Losses may be flood, earthquake, fire, theft or other natural calamities. It includes many types of insurance :

# Home Insurance
# Fire Insurance
# Boiler Insurance
# Earthquake Insurance
# Flood Insurance

Why We Need Property Insurance?

Property Insurance insure that we can get financial benefits if some thing happen to our property from natural calamities in future or any fire, theft etc.

How we can Choose the Right Property Insurance Policy?

It is nessesory that we have to choose policy which covers all our risks with reasonable premium value.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Things That You Should Know About Credit Piggybacking

The concept of credit card piggybacking is very simple. Generally, people with bad credit use credit piggybacking so as to increase their credit score. It is a well known fact that people with bad credit don't get loans. Even if they get, they have to pay high interest rate for the loans. The simplest way to get out out of this situation is piggybacking (making yourself an authorized user to someone else's credit account).

When the debtor is added as an authorized user to someone else's credit account then, the whole credit history gets included in the credit report of the debtor. Usually, the parents use credit piggybacking in order to help their children in building their credit history.

Piggybacking abuse

This practice has been in use for a long time. Credit card piggybacking has become an easy way for the people with bad credit to raise credit scores. They can simply become an authorized user to another's positive credit card account by paying a fee. As a result, their credit score increases. Thereby, they can easily get credit cards, loans with low interest rates which would have been impossible to get otherwise.

Effect of piggybacking on credit score

Fair Isaac has altered its FICO (Fair Isaac Credit Organization) scoring model. Previously, credit piggybacking used to increase credit score. However, according to FICO 08, credit piggybacking will longer boost credit scores.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding credit card piggybacking. Therefore, financial experts don't recommend credit card piggybacking to the people with bad credit.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

How will investing in the forex market affect your personal finance?

Selecting the right investment vehicle can make all the difference. It can either give a boost to your personal finance or prevent your investment portfolio from giving positive results. If you have invested in the forex market, it is important to know this trade well. You need to understand the underlying concept of currency trading and its outcome.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when you are trading currency. Depending on how well you can predict the movement of the forex market, you can earn profits. There are many technical indicators that will help you to predict the movement of the market. Make use of these tools to enhance your chances of earning profits.

How will profits earned from forex trading affect your personal finance?

Given below are few instances when forex trading profits can help you.

1. If you are going through rough weather and you are currently cash strapped, use your passive income (profits earned from trading currency pairs) which can help you to sail through till the time you don’t get back on your feet again financially.

If you are earning good profit from the forex market, you can use the cash to fulfill your financial obligations. However, the profits you earn have to be consistent. This can be achieved by making use of technical indicators which can help you to predict market movements better. Alternatively, you can also take help of a forex broker who can help you to enhance your profits.

2. You can use it for building up an emergency fund. This is very important because if you happen to face financial hardship in future, it can help you to tide over the unfavorable period.

3. You can also invest the money you earn from the forex market in a good investment vehicle which has a good ROI or Return on Investment.

Whatever way you use the cash, it will ultimately affect your financial well-being. So, enhance your efficiency in predicting market movements and watch your personal finance improve in due course.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can Keep Financial Instability At Bay

There are times when your personal finance strategies or ideas can save you from losing your financial freedom and independence. Make sure you are able to abide by these ideas. Let us see how you can improve upon your finances in the current year. Given below are few ways you can do so.
1. Build cash reserves
The importance of building a cash reserve cannot be undermined. If you keep aside some cash each month, you can use it in time of need. It can save you from unexpected financial emergency.
2. Tackle debts and get rid of them
Falling into debts is not uncommon. Try to minimize your credit card usage. By doing so, you will see your personal finance recovering faster than you fathom. Studies reveal that an average American household has as many as 14 credit cards. Cut down the number to 2 or maximum 3. And make sure you use these plastic cards only in case of emergency. Use cash instead. It will help you stay away from credit card delinquencies.
3. Choose a good investment vehicle
Use your money to invest in a good investment vehicle. Select the one that gives you good returns and doesn’t involve too much risk.
4. Retain your insurance coverage
Your personal finance is bound to lookup if you have adequate coverage from your insurance carrier. Stay current with your insurance premiums.
5. Check your credit rating frequently
Make it a point that you check your credit report frequently even if that means shelling out few dollars. Report any kind of inaccurate information and get it fixed. Having inaccuracies in the credit report affect your personal finance adversely.
Drawing up an effective financial plan can work wonders for you. Follow the above guidelines and watch your personal finance take an upward swing.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important because it covers all your risks relating to travel or tour and give you tension free trip. Travel insurance cover all your risks relating to: holiday cancellation, theft, loss, damage to personal possessions and money, medical expenses in abroad, overseas funeral expenses, accidental death, injury benefits, legal assistance, delayed departure at the airport or sea port etc. We can get maximum benefits by taking travel insurance in terms of money.

There are many travel insurance plans in the market but we have to choose the optimum one. Plan may be for single trip or may be for multi trips. It may be single premium plan or installments based. We have to choose our plan according to our requirements.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Responsibilities of Insurance Professionals

An insurance policy is a contract wherein an insured gets monetary benefits or reimbursements against future losses from an insurance company. Whom should you goto when you need to purchase an insurance policy or when you file a claim? They are the insurance professionals who guide you to purchase an insurance policy, answer your queries and also help you while you file a claim. It is also a part of their responsibility to check whether or not the claim that you made is a real one. Read on to know about the responsibilities of insurance professionals.
1 . Insurance agents and brokers: Insurance agents and brokers serve as a mediator between you and the insurance company. They help you in determining the amount of coverage that you need. The duties of an agent and that of a broker are almost the same. The only difference is that the broker can represent a number of companies, but an agent represents only one insurance company.
2 . Insurance underwriters: Insurance companies provide protection from financial loss by assuming billions of dollars in risk every year. The work of an insurance underwriter is that he decides whether insurance is provided and if so under what terms. They identify and determine the risk of loss from policy holders. He is the one who is responsible for determining the appropriate premium and write exact policies that covers the risk.
3 . Claims examiner: Insurance claims examiner is another kind of insurance professionals who require a lot of analytic skills. When you file a claim in any kind of insurance policy, the duty of claims examiner is to review the claims that have been filed. It is also a part of his duty to check if there is a sudden increase in the number of claims filed.
4 . Insurance investigators: Above all, there is another group of insurance professionals who investigate a claim whether or not it is a fraudulent one. In this situation insurance investigators investigate by cross questioning the claimants and witnesses and submit the report to the insurance company. In short, they check the authenticity of the claim.
Thus, insurance professionals are a part and parcel of the insurance industry. They will guide you through the path of getting insurance till you file a claim.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Insurance Basics

Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for a premium and can be thought of small loss to prevent a large, possibly devastating loss. Business insurance can be any kind of insurance that protects businesses against risks. The concept of insurance is to provide shelter to a property, things and the human life against all expected losses. The procedure of insuring something may be complex in nature but the basic conception revolves round risk management. Insurers may offer insurance to any individual able to pay, or they may contract with members of a group to offer special rates for group insurance. Insurances vary in their contracts from life insurance to health and medical insurance to motor insurance to general non life insurances.In case of business, the presence of insurance facility plays a significantly vital role for the progress and growth of business activities. The insurance companies are also aware of the need of safety cover to the business world.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Motorcycle Insurance – What Coverage can you Get?

Nowadays, more and more people are inclined to buy motorcycles and so motorcycle insurance is needed for every bikers. There is certain coverage that the insurance provides:

1.Collision coverage: This covers your bike when it’s hit by other vehicle or you hit it to a tree or a building.
2.Comprehensive coverage: This covers you from damages caused by natural calamities like hail, wind and also theft and vandalism.
3.Roadside assistance coverage: If your bike falls in any mishap such as flat tire, dead battery or inadequacy of oil, this coverage then covers you.
4.Medical payment coverage: This covers your medical payments if you’re in an accident.

Other than the coverage, motorcycle insurance has 2 liability insurance:

1.Bodily injury liability insurance: It covers you if you cause death or injury to others.
2.Property damage liability insurance: It covers you in case you cause damage to any other person’s property.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

4 Smart tips to get Cheap Life Insurance Policy

You can get a cheap life insurance policy by various ways. However, this article highlights 4 tips that can help you to get cheap life insurance policy.
Tips to get cheap life insurance policy The 4 tips that can help you get cheap life insurance policy are given below:

1.Shop around: You should compare the life insurance quotes offered by different life insurance companies. This will help you get cheap life insurance.
2.Opt for term insurance: This is the cheapest life insurance policy. Therefore, term life insurance is way to go.
3.Get in shape: The life insurance companies charge higher premium rate on individuals having high mortality rate. Therefore, you should quit smoking and reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
4.Buy yourself: The insurance agents get commission on selling insurance products. Most of the financial planners charge a fee and a commission on the insurance products. Therefore, it is better to purchase life insurance on your own so that you don’t have to spend any money for fee.
Finally, if you want to get a cheap life insurance policy, then you should buy it while you are still young. This is because the insurance companies charge lower premium rate on young people.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance
There are many types of different health insurance plans. Be sure to talk with an agent before applying for any type of policy to see which one fits your needs.
A Preferred Provider Organization plan, or PPO plan, supplies consumers with a network of health care providers. A consumer can then pick who he or she wants to see from the list. PPO plans have different types of coverage, in-network and out-of-network. In-network includes the list of health care providers in your insurance company’s network. In this network you can choose any provider for guaranteed coverage.

Visiting an out-of-network provider will be more expensive. With a PPO plan, your insurer will cover some of the cost but not as much as they would normally cover with an in-network health care provider.

Health Maintenance Organization plans, HMO plans, allow consumers to choose health care providers only from the list of in-network providers. If a consumer wants to see a doctor out of the network, they either have to pay out of their own pockets or get a referral from a doctor in their network. These plans are cheaper than PPO plans but are not as flexible.

Point of Service plans, POS plans, are a lot like PPO health insurance plans. POS plans allow you to choose a primary physician and go to that doctor for referrals out of the network. This plan also lets you go out-of-network for hospital visits and other health care needs.

Fee for Service plans, FFS plans, are a lot more flexible then any other plan but also the most expensive. Instead of picking from a network, consumers can go to any doctor and have specific medical services be covered under this health insurance policy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Insurance Needs

The Insurance has become an integral part of business and human life. Insurance is a policy from a large financial institution that offers a person, company, or other entity reimbursement or financial protection against possible future losses or damages. Insurance is bought in order to hedge the possible risks of the future which may or may not take place. The periodical insurance premiums are calculated according to the total insurance amount. Business insurance is a coverage designed to protect against loss exposures of business firms, as opposed to those of individuals. Natural disasters, injuries to customers or employees, mistakes and automobile accidents all can cause monetary losses to your business. These losses are covered by insurance. We provide you the best information about insurance so that you can learn something from us and apply that knowledge into the development of your business. Providing security, spreading risk, source for collecting funds, encourage savings are the various advantages of insurance that will definitely help to develop your business.

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